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*Limited Warranty information - This warranty covers the lens against defects in workmanship and guarantees it's arrival in good and usable condition free of striations, warpage, ghost images, bubbles, cracks and separation. Warranty ends as soon as the welding lens is placed into service as any number of variables can cause issues to arise with severe use, temperature extremes and working conditions. Any damage caused by user is not warranted including dropping of lenses, forcing of lenses into hoods, scratching while cleaning, leaving outdoors in extremely cold weather, leaving in a car in extremely hot or cold weather, submerging the lens in water, exposure to chemicals especially acidic or caustic environments etc, excessive pressure in your welding hood and so forth. Because of the nature of our line of work I warrant the lenses only to the extent that it is ready to work and fully defect free when you receive it and for no further length of time. Claims are to be submitted within 24 hours of receiving your lens along with photo evidence of defect including the packaging if damaged in transit. RMI number will be issued for return. Include a note and copy of your packing slip / receipt with RMI # and reason for exchange. No refunds are offered or honored. Exchange only.  I do not and will not edit shipping information. Please ensure the shipping address is correct BEFORE finalizing your order. If you must have your lens re-routed after confirming your order please log into USPS.com with your shipping information and tracking number and use the "package intercept" tool in the USPS.com site and follow the instructions. There is a fee associated with this service, however, I will not edit shipping information as it negates my warranty and seller protection.  

I offer 2 different types of specially made 2pc welding lenses.  High Contrast and Low Contrast.  Each is specifically suited to different needs  and specialties. Let's explore a bit to help you decide which lens is right for you. These lenses are offered with a limited warranty*. Shipped priority mail.

Let's start with Low Contrast

 Low Contrast lenses are more specifically suited to Medium to high amperage and voltage ranges. Suited to the harsher consumable processes such as Stick (SMAW), Flux Cored (FCAW) Innershield and Dual shield and Pulse or Spray Transfer Mig.  These have far better blocking in the Orange/Red Spectrum which eliminates "Smoke Screen" (Where fume plume hides your weld) and virtually eliminates Maganese and Sodium burn-off "Flare" and "Haziness" associated with these processes.  Some of these LOW CONTRAST lenses Such as the Magenta Madness are also well suited to TIG (GTAW) Welding of Aluminum and Stainless at much higher amperages due to their ability to tone down glare from back reflection.  The LOW CONTRAST Welding Lenses Include:The Magenta Madness, Insane Blueand Mean Greenwhich is the optimal lens for color blind welders, as well as The MELLOW WELD COOL - My AOWC rival lens which is medium contrast and medium blocking. So you will find this lens and the Mean Green on both pages of sub-categories.

High Contrast Welding Lenses

   In comparison, High Contrast welding lenses offer a broader (bigger) field of view and better color discernment. These lenses allow you to very quickly judge base metal temperature while welding because of the broader spectrum of visible light they allow to pass through them. These lenses allow you to see colors and judge temperatures like no other lenses will. They do diminish flare, haze and smoke-screen as well, but not to the same extent as the Low Contrast lenses. These lenses are best suited to TIG (GTAW) Welding, Plasma Welding, Combination Welding and Hard wire MIG using globular transfer. Suited best to low and medium amp and volt ranges.  2 of these lenses in particular are best suited to combination welders (Stick/Tig) that work multiple processes and amp ranges well above the other lenses.  The High Contrast Lenses Include:The Arctic Blue (Silvery Blue color), The Bold gold (Amber/Colorless), The Wild White (Colorless),The Mellow Weld Cool (Combination - Cobalt Blue) and The Purple Craze (Color Changing from a pinkish purple to dark blue to nearly colorless with a tiny tint of blue/purple depending on input light) And the Mean Green which like the Mellow Weld cool is Medium Contrast and Medium Blocking and fits both categories.