OPTI-COOL WELDING LENSES.  Passive Glass lenses for the professional welder. 

No warranty is expressed or implied for the single glass welding lenses. these are shipped USPS first class and are not insured.  These lenses are NOT compliant to ANSI Z87.1 Standards and are conforming to CE 166 European Safety Standard. They do not meet ANSI impact requirements. ANSI approved clear lenses MUST be used in conjunction with these lenses in front and behind. User assumes all responsibility and waives any liability to the seller. 

2x4.25 Blue Add on 

$19.99/ea + $1.00 shiping

Here You'll find our DIN shade Welding glass lenses. These lenses are suitable for all electric arc welding processes and are available in Shade DIN #8 to Shade DIN #12. I do also carry some DIN #13 in select lenses. I carry the following Brands : Aulektro and Svar.  I have Sputtered (metal overlay) and plain lenses. Feel Free to Browse the sub categories of lenses to find what best suits you. Both are exceptional brands and produced in Germany using the float glass process and are CE certified. These are unhardened glass. CE 166 Compliant.

4.50 x 5.25 Blue $34.99 + $2.00 shipping

Here I also carry acrylic "add on" filters for use with automatic darkening welding lenses or passive glass and polycarbonate welding filters. I carry both the 2424 Blue and 1020 Magenta. These can be added on behind your main lens and in front of your rear clear lens to help tune out either orange and red tint(blue drop in) or yellow/green tint (magenta drop in). 

The Blue adds about 1 full shade and the magenta adds 1/2 shade. YES. This is exactly the same type, material and color of the P.S drop-in lenses at 1/5 the cost. Why pay $80 for a single 2x4 pink acrylic lens or $200 for a 4x5? That's just plain robbery. Flame polished bordered acrylic. ANSI Z87.1

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2x4.25 Magenta Add on 

$19.99/ea + $1.00 shiping

4.50 x 5.25 Magenta $34.99 + $2.00 shipping