Gold Face #12 4.5x5.25 Lrg $24.99/ea

These are European Produced welding glass and are unhardened. These are more fragile than Chinese Glass manufactured for American Consumers. These require care. Gold Sputtered lenses can deteriorate over time if subjected to high concentrations of chlorine or acids as the gold will slowly begin to dissolve. Harsh cleaning compounds or excessive rubbing will wear the gold face away. This is very fine grade (22k gold) gold overlay, applied roughly 1 micron thickness. It can be easily buffed or rubbed off. Care is required and caution advised when cleaning the gold lenses with anything more than windex or water and a very soft felt cotton buff.    

Gold Face. Shade #8 4.5x5.25 Lrg $24.99/ea

Plain Black. Shade #12  2x4.25 $12.99/ea

Gold Face. Shade #9 4.5x5.25 Lrg $24.99/ea

Gold Face #11 4.5x5.25 Lrg $24.99/ea

Plain Black. Shade #11  2x4.25 $12.99/ea

Gold Face. Shade #12  2x4.25 $17.99/ea

Gold Face. Shade #9  2x4.25 $17.99/ea

Plain Black. Shade #10  2x4.25 $12.99/ea

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Gold Face. Shade #8  2x4.25 $17.99/ea

Aulektro Welding Lenses. Exceptional Color, Exceptional finish, Exceptional Clarity, German manufacturing expertise, not Chinese junk.  Available in Shades DIN #8 to Shade #12. Available in both plain and Gold Sputtered.  These lenses conform to European Safety standard CE/EN 166/169. They are NOT however, hardened glass. This keeps distortion minimal or non-existent meaning no bubbles or striations or wavy lines and a more clear picture, the trade-off though is that they are more fragile and do not conform to ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact resistance. So the wearing of front and back ANSI approved cover shields is absolutely necessary.  

Gold Face. Shade #10 4.5x5.25 Lrg $24.99/ea

Plain Black. Shade #8  2x4.25 $12.99/ea

Plain Black. Shade #9  2x4.25 $12.99/ea

Gold Face. Shade #11  2x4.25 $17.99/ea

OPTI-COOL WELDING LENSES.  Passive Glass lenses for the professional welder. 

Gold Face. Shade #10  2x4.25 $17.99/ea