No warranty is expressed or implied for these welding lenses. These are Shipped USPS first class and are not insured. These conform to European safety standards and are not compliant to ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact resistance. Buyer assumes all responsibility arising from their use. Cobalt Blue glass lenses in the shades offered above are not suggested for nor are they deemed safe for electric arc welding procedures and are not DIN shade compliant for UV or visible light blocking at electric arc welding ranges. Use of these lenses for electric arc welding processes will most likely result in permanent vision damage.  Buyer assumes all responsibility from the use of these lenses for anything other than the specifications noted above.

Cobalt Blue Glass IF/IR Shade #4. 2x4.25  $14.99

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Cobalt Blue Glass IF/IR Shade #7.  Gold 2x4.25  $19.99

Cobalt Dioxide Glass Lenses. The welding lenses here are designed specifically for soldering, burning, brazing and cutting applications. They are not designed nor suitable for use with electric arc welding processes. Use of these lenses alone for that purpose will come at a cost to your vision and could result in permanent and irreparable harm to your eyesight. Protect your eyes! These lenses are IF/IR blocking and will block infrared energy. They are manufactured from Cobalt Glass and are Blue in color. The gold sputtered lenses have an added amount of IR protection meant to keep the glass (and your eyes) cooler and will absorb UV as well but are not strong enough to protect from searingly high visible light intensity. However; all of these lenses are suitable for top notch protection against Infrared energy produced from non-electric arc cutting or heating apparatuses and processes such as Oxy-fuel cutting, burning and brazing.  

OPTI-COOL WELDING LENSES.  Passive Glass lenses for the professional welder. 

Cobalt Blue Glass IF/IR Shade #6.  Gold 2x4.25  $19.99

Cobalt Blue Glass IF/IR Shade #5.  Gold 2x4.25  $19.99

Cobalt Blue Glass IF/IR Shade #5. 2x4.25  $14.99