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OPTI-COOL WELDING LENSES.  Passive Glass lenses for the professional welder. 

I value every customer. I am also happy to share what I know with regard to optics and answer any questions in the best way I can.  Feel free to contact me with your questions.However, please read below in the "frequently asked questions" and see if the answer is already there for you.

Here are some frequently asked questions I can answer in advance before you proceed using the contact form:

Question #1 - Do you make 2pc Glass LARGE Lenses in the 4.5 x 5.25 sizes or any custom sizes such as 90mmx110mm? How long does it take to get my lens?

          Answer: -  Yes. I do.  Please use the contact form and request the size you need along with a request for an invoice. I request UP TO 10 business days to get your welding lens made, cleaned, packaged and shipped. I single-handedly make every lens. This takes time especially around the holidays. 

Question #2 - Do you offer Exchanges if I accidentally ordered the wrong shade or type of lens? 

          Answer: - Yes. I offer exchanges within THREE (3) days of you receiving your lens. No longer. The exchange is like for like. Equal value.  I will not exchange an $80 lens for a $175 lens free of charge. The balance will need to be paid via invoice before the exchange is completed and the buyer must pay  all shipping costs. You must use the form to contact me and receive an RMI#, re-package the lens in as good a manner as I did to protect it from damage in  shipping and send it back. Broken or damaged returns that were to be exchanged will just be sent back at the buyers expense and the exchange will be  forfeit. Remember, you must include a note, copy of your receipt or packing slip, RMI # and return shipping for me to send it back to you at your cost. If return shipping is not provided it will just sit here. Shipping gets expensive. 

Question #3 - Do you warranty your 2pc lenses beyond their delivery? Is there a way I can purchase an extended warranty? 

           Answer: - NO. I do not warranty my lenses beyond their safe and secure arrival, free of any major defects such as separation, cracks, bubbles, major chipping, deep scratching, pits or fisheyes etc (outside of my Q.C criteria) and ready to work. Once they are put into service the warranty ends. This is why it is a LIMITED warranty. It is limited only to being free of defects and damage in transit. These items are made of GLASS in a very unforgiving and harsh line of work. Please understand that once it's in your hands I have no idea what it will be subjected to or how it will be used. I don't know if you'll put it in your hood too tight, if your hood will fall off scaffolding, if you're going to get too close to the welding operation overheating the lens then it's rapid cooling causes it to separate or bubble. How you're going to clean the sweat and grime off your lens (wiping it with your shirt and scratching it up etc) I have no idea. So, NO. No warranty beyond it's arrival because it's hard to delineate between NORMAL USE and Abuse...because we welders like to push things.  But these lenses can't be "pushed" like putting a cheater bar on a wrench when you're in a hurry or a pinch. They're expensive. Treat them like they are. They won't handle the strain of being abused. I will not accept warranty claims after 24hrs of receiving your lens. Period.  I maintain the right to refuse service to anyone for any or no reason at all at my discretion. 

Question #4 - What should I know about my 2pc lens? For example is there anything I SHOULDN'T be doing that I do with a normal cheap lens? 

         Answer: - Quite simply, don't abuse it.  Don't leave it in your glove-box, trunk or toolbag /toolbox in extremely HOT (120+ deg) or extremely COLD (-5 or below) conditions. Don't just toss your hood in the gangbox with the lens in it at the end of the day. The trunk and glove-box of your car and the gangbox can get both much hotter and much colder than the atmospheric temperature. Don't subject your lens to extreme temperature fluctuations in a short period. It can't handle them. Much like a coffee cup if it goes from cold to hot or hot to cold too quickly it can crack or begin to pull apart. The 2 pieces of glass will expand and contract at different rates and it's best if they do so gradually and more uniformly. The intermediary layer between the glass that holds them together will offer some buffering of the stressing forces but only so much...exceeding it's limitations will mean the glass must reduce the residual stress in other ways such as cracking or separating. YOU ARE A WELDER.. THE METAL YOU WELD DOES THE SAME THING. THIS IS WHY YOU PRE-HEAT. THIS IS BASIC KNOWLEDGE TO YOU. If you don't control the temperature extremes in a welding operation, the weld or joint may crack. Your lens is no different. If it is extremely cold outside, warm the lens first before you use it. If the Lens gets overly hot it may bubble or shift. Do not try to cool a hot lens with water. It WILL crack. 

Question #5 - I ordered a lens a little bit ago and I just realized I had the wrong shipping address. Would you please change the address for me?

        Answer: - NO.  I do not edit shipping information. Doing so voids my seller protection through my payment processing company. It is solely the buyers responsibility to ensure the shipping address is correct BEFORE finalizing the purchase. If you may not be on a job very long then make your home address your primary shipping address. IF you need your order re-routed to a different address; then USPS has a tool called "package intercept" that you can use to capture the item once it is shipped and re-route it to a different address. There is a small fee associated with the service and you will need the tracking information provided to you in the email you received from PayPal notifying you that your item was shipped out. I have lost dispute cases simply because I sent an item to a requested address only for the customer to "not receive it" even though it shows as delivered to individual. But because I changed the address I automatically lose the case and the customer gets a free lens. I will no longer be doing this. Packages that must be re-routed must be initiated by the customer. Please don't ask. 

Question #6 - Can I place an order over the phone? I seem to be having trouble with your website and can't get past the paypal screen.

         Answer: - I CAN take payments over the phone though I must admit I much prefer not to. I don't want a paper trail with your payment information I must be very careful to fully destroy (I won't keep payment info). What I much prefer to do is send you an invoice to your email account and have you follow the prompts to pay it. As far as the site re-direct: Once you are on the Paypal "Shopping Cart" Screen you have the option to continue without a paypal account below the yellow "paypal checkout" button and if you still have further shopping to do there is a "continue shopping" icon on the top right of the page. I have tried to re-vamp this site to make it more user friendly, but some mobile devices won't display it correctly. You can use your devices "Full Browser" mode instead and the website will display as if it was on a desktop computer. This will make interfacing with the site much easier in these cases.

Question #7 - I bought one of your lenses months or even years ago and now it seems like it isn't as good as it used to be, it's scratched and pitted and chipped and the gold face is starting to wear off (looks like water on the lens). Do you warranty them? I'd like another lens.

          Answer: - Let me refer you back to Question #2. If your lens is weeks, months or years old, I have no idea what that lens has been though and what environments it's been in. What I do know is I'm a welder too and I have been in some of the harshest work environments and situations on earth and I've abused the snot out of my body and my tools. I don't expect you and I are all that different and any other welding supply store would laugh at the prospect of supplying a warranty and exchange on a very well used piece of glass. I know there is 1 other company that offers a 1 year limited warranty on their lenses, but good luck actually cashing in on it. Read the fine print. You'd have to basically keep it in the sleeve and not use it in order to redeem the exchange and they don't offer refunds either. So, it looks good in print but when you try to redeem it there's always a catch. I won't yank your chain. I'm just gonna flat out tell you that if you've used the lens, I have no idea what it's been through and I don't offer warranties beyond it's arrival to you free of defects, free of shipping damage and it's ready to go to work. Beyond that I have no control over it and the limit of my liability ends. Period. 

Question #8 -I've tried to call but got no answer. How long can I expect to wait before I get response to my email?

           Answer: - It's uncommon that I'm in my office enough to answer every phone call. I'm in my shop MAKING lenses more than I'm in front of computer or phone. I'm not the most "sociable" person and I have a hard time sometimes speaking to people over the phone. I tend to shy away from people in general and I'm very introverted. I'm far better suited to being "behind the scenes" than "front and center". However, Also remember I am a 1 man business. Sometimes I simply get swamped with more emails or phone calls than I can handle in a day or emails than I respond to in a period of time. I'm hoping that by re-vamping the site, answering questions here BEFORE they are asked and streamlining the pertinent information it will reduce the number of calls and emails I receive making it easier for me to respond to you faster to within 2-3 days. 

Question #9 -I ordered my lens a week and a half ago, 2 weeks ago and I still don't have it. Why? What's the hold up? What's taking so long?

              Answer: - There is a difference between "days of the week" and "Week days" and "Business Days".  A Week-day that happens to fall ON or immediately AFTER a holiday is typically observed as a Federally recognized holiday (USPS doesn't deliver mail) and is NOT considered a "Business Day". Days of the week we consider "weekends" (Saturday and Sunday) are also NOT "Business Days". If you ordered a lens on a Saturday and now it's the next following Tuesday but there was a Federally recognized holiday (Like Veterans day) on Monday... then it's only been 6 "Business days" when I ask for up to 10 depending on the lens you order.  You WILL get your lens and I try to get them out as fast as I can, but QUALITY is far more important to me than speed. If I get lenses out fast, but they're garbage, then I'm doing you a dis-service. I don't want that and neither do you. I offer 3 types of service: You can choose any 2. Good, Fast and Cheap.  Good and cheap won't be fast. Fast and Cheap won't be Good. Good and Fast won't be Cheap.  There is a lot of wisdom in old stupid sayings like this because it still rings true today. All the pre-made Chinese, mass-produced garbage we buy and get delivered next day from Amazon doesn't hold a candle in quality or longevity to the gadgets, tools, equipment and mechanical ingenuity and know-how of yester-year. If you want a quality product for a good price, the sacrifice you make will be having the patience to wait for it. NOW, There ARE instances where I may run short on stock of specific type of glass or run into a manufacturers back-order and need to hold off on making a specific type of lens until I replenish my stock. In these cases you can wait the additional time or request a different lens to substitute your order as many of my lenses are similar in property to another. IE: Arctic Blue and Purple Craze are very similar in behavior and spectrum, only the color is slightly different. Wild White and Bold Gold are also very similar etc. I will happily provide you with a different lens.  

Question #10 - I received an email that my item has shipped; but when I check the tracking nothing shows up.  Also, I didn't get any confirmation of my order.

                Answer: -I print shipping labels sometimes as many as 4-5 days in advance of when I actually send out the item. I print the label ahead of time because I cross reference my emails to the packing slips and check for any discrepancies, changes that need to be made etc and I do this just before I actually make your lenses. But your order may be in a stack of orders waiting to be made when I print that label and so it may not actually get sent that day. PayPal notifies you when I print the label...not when the item actually gets picked up by USPS. So, that is why when you receive the notification, the tracking may not reflect movement.  As far as confirmation. You have the option to print your receipt but you ARE emailed a confirmation receipt. However, you may need to check your SPAM or JUNK folder as it may be automatically regarded as spam by your email filter.