Lens case for 4.5x5.25 lens

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Lens case for 2x4.25 lens

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Hand-made by my wife, Marsha. These are black faux leather vynil.  They have a cushioned blue felt lining and are tightly serged along every edge with cotton (not nylon or polyester) thread in an overlock stitch which makes it extremely durable and rugged. They have a fold over flap to keep out the dust and grime and use hook and loop fasteners to keep it closed. Each case will fit our 2pc lenses or an auto lens or 2 standard 1pc lens.  

We thought about using a magnetic strip for a closure...BUT..it wouldn't take long before metal fines and gunk built up on it. We also thought about using metal snaps...BUT... probably not the best idea when sliding a glass or plastic lens against it. So we opted for the hook and loop fasteners instead which I think is probably the best bet.   We have these to fit a 2x4.25 lens and for a 4.5x5.25 lens and if you contact me we can make you any size you desire custom suited to your welding lens size (ie: 90mmx110mm, 60mmx110mm, 50mmx105mm etc)